Synonyms of heart in English:



  • 1 my heart stopped beating
    informal ticker
  • 2 he poured out his heart
    emotions, feelings, sentiments; soul; love, affection, passion
  • 3 she has no heart
    compassion, sympathy, humanity, feeling(s), fellow feeling, tenderness, softness, empathy, understanding; kindness, goodwill
  • 4 they may lose heart
    enthusiasm, keenness, eagerness, spirit, determination, resolve, purpose, courage, nerve, willpower, fortitude
    informal guts, spunk
  • 5 the heart of the city
    center, middle, hub, core, nucleus, eye, bosom
    [Antonyms] edge
  • 6 the heart of the matter
    essence, crux, core, nub, root, gist, meat, marrow, pith, substance, kernel
    informal nitty-gritty
    [Antonyms] peripherals
  • Word links

    cardiac relating to the heart
    cardiology the branch of medicine concerned with the heart
    coronary relating to the arteries of the heart


    after one's own heart

    Lucie was always a girl after my own heartlike-mindedof the same mindkindredcompatiblecongenialsharing one's tastes informalon the same wavelength

    at heart

    he's a good kid at heartdeep downbasicallyfundamentallyessentiallyin essenceintrinsicallyreallyactuallytrulyin fact informalwhen you get right down to it

    by heart

    I know the lyrics by heartfrom memorydown patby roteword for wordverbatimword-perfect

    do one's heart good

    it does my heart good to see the children getting alongcheer one (up)please onegladden onemake one happydelight onehearten onegratify onemake one feel goodgive one a lift informaltickle someone pink

    eat one's heart out

    Adam will eat his heart out when he hears about Julia's engagementpinelongachebroodmopefretsighsorrowyearnagonizegrievemournlament

    from the bottom of one's heart

    everything in that poem I meant from the bottom of my heartsincerelyearnestlyferventlypassionatelytrulygenuinelyheartilywith all sincerity

    give/lose one's heart to

    so, which young lady have you given your heart to this week?fall in love withfall forbe smitten by informalfall head over heels forbe swept off one's feet bydevelop a crush on

    have a change of heart

    it seems that the Smiths have had a change of heart about selling their housechange one's mindflip-flopchange one's tunehave second thoughtshave a rethinkthink againthink twice informalget cold feetdo a U-turnpull a U-ey

    have a heart

    come on, have a heart and let Sandy keep the puppybe compassionatebe kindbe mercifulbe lenientbe sympatheticbe consideratehave mercy

    heart and soul

    the volunteers were into the campaign heart and soulwholeheartedlyenthusiasticallyeagerlyzealouslyabsolutelycompletelyentirelyfullyutterlyto the hiltone hundred percent

    take heart

    your cards and letters helped us to take heartbe encouragedbe heartenedbe comfortedcheer upbrighten upperk upliven uprevive

    with one's heart in one's mouth

    she slowly made her way down the dark cellar stairs with her heart in her mouthin alarmin fearfearfullyapprehensivelyon edgewith trepidationin suspensein a cold sweatwith bated breathon tenterhooks informalwith butterflies in one's stomachin a statein a stewin a sweat

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