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Synonyms of hell in English:


  • 1 they feared hell
    the netherworld, the Inferno, the infernal regions, the abyss;
    eternal damnation, perdition;
    Hades, Sheol, Acheron, Gehenna, Tophet
    literary the pit
    [Antonyms] heaven
  • 2 he made her life hell
    a misery, torture, agony, a torment, a nightmare, an ordeal;
    anguish, wretchedness, woe
    [Antonyms] paradise
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    infernal relating to hell


    give someone hell
  • 1.1 when I found out, I gave him hell
    reprimand severely, rebuke, admonish, chastise, castigate, chide, upbraid, reprove, scold, berate, remonstrate with, reprehend, take to task, lambaste;
    read the riot act, give a piece of one's mind, rake/haul over the coals
    informal tell off, dress down, give an earful, give a roasting, rap over the knuckles, let have it, bawl out, come down hard on, lay into, blast, chew out
  • 2.1 she gave me hell when I was her assistant
    harass, hound, plague, harry, bother, trouble, bully, intimidate, pick on, victimize, terrorize
    informal hassle, give a hard time
  • raise hell
  • 1.1 they were hollering and raising hell
    cause a disturbance, cause a commotion, be noisy, run riot, run wild, go on the rampage, be out of control
    informal raise the roof
  • 2.1 he raised hell with the planners
    remonstrate, expostulate, be angry, be furious;
    informal kick up a fuss, raise a stink
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