Synonyms of kick in English:



  • 1 she kicked the ball over the fence
    boot, punt, drop-kick
    informal hoof
  • 2 informal he was struggling to kick his drug habit
    give up, break, abandon, end, stop, cease, desist from, renounce
    informal shake, pack in, leave off, quit
  • noun

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  • 1 that kick landed the ball across the street
    boot, punt
  • 2 informal I get a kick out of driving a race car
    fun, enjoyment, amusement, pleasure, gratification
    informal buzz, high, rush, charge
  • 3 informal a drink with a powerful kick
    potency, stimulant effect, strength, power;
    tang, zest, bite, piquancy, edge, pungency
    informal punch
  • 4 informal a health kick
    craze, enthusiasm, obsession, mania, passion;
    informal fad
  • Phrases

    kick someone/something around

  • 1.1 I'm tired of getting kicked around
    abuse, mistreat, maltreat, push around, trample on, take for granted
    informal boss around, walk all over
  • 2.1 they began to kick around some ideas
    discuss, talk over, debate, thrash out, consider, toy with, play with
  • kick back

    informal I just wanna kick back and watch some TV
    relax, unwind, take it easy, rest, slow down, let up, ease up/off, sit back, chill (out), chillax, hang loose

    kick off

    informal we'll kick off with a brief description of how a timeshare works they kicked off the ceremony with a parade of cadets
    start, commence, begin, get going, get off the ground, get underway;
    open, start off, set in motion, launch, initiate, introduce, inaugurate, usher in

    kick someone out

    informal most of us were given one-week suspensions from school, but Andy and Olivia were actually kicked out
    expel, eject, banish, exile, throw out, oust, evict, get rid of, ax;
    informal chuck (out), send packing, boot out, give someone their marching orders, give someone their walking papers, give someone the gate, give someone the (old) heave-ho, sack, bounce, fire, give someone the bum's rush

    Definition of kick in:

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