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Synonyms of let in English:


  • 1 let him sleep for now
    allow to, permit to, give permission to, give leave to, authorize to, sanction to, grant the right to, license to, empower to, enable to, entitle to
    archaic suffer to
    [Antonyms] prevent, prohibit
  • 2 Wilcox opened the door to let her through
    allow to go, permit to pass;
    make way for
  • Phrases

    let someone down
    I'm afraid I've let the team down
    fail, fail to support, disappoint, disillusion;
    abandon, desert, leave stranded, leave in the lurch
    let something down
    Maryann let down the hem on her mother's old prom dress
    lengthen, make longer
    let fly
  • 1.1 he let fly with a brick
    shoot, fire, blast
    informal chuck, sling, heave
  • 2.1 she let fly at Geoffrey
    lose one's temper with, lash out at, scold, chastise, chide, rant at, inveigh against, rail against;
    explode at, burst out at, let someone have it
    formal excoriate
  • let go
    don't let go of the steering wheel
    release, release one's hold on, loose/loosen one's hold on, relinquish
    archaic unhand
    let someone go
    they let half of the warehouse crew go
    dismiss, discharge, lay off, give notice to
    informal sack, fire, ax, give someone their marching orders, send packing, give someone the boot, give someone the (old) heave-ho, can, pink-slip
    let someone in
    they seemed reluctant to let me in
    allow to enter, allow in, admit, open the door to;
    receive, welcome, greet
    let someone in on something
    we can't let you in on the details just yet
    include in, count in on, admit in on, allow to share in, let participate in, inform about, tell about
    let someone off
  • 1.1 informal I'll let you off this time
    pardon, forgive, grant an amnesty to;
    deal leniently with, be merciful to, have mercy on;
    informal let someone off the hook
    formal exculpate
  • 2.1 he let me off work
    excuse from, exempt from, spare from
  • let on
  • 1.1 I never let on that I felt anxious
    reveal, make known, tell, disclose, mention, divulge, let slip, give away, make public;
  • 2.1 he let on that he'd won
    pretend, feign, affect, make out, make believe, simulate
  • let something out
  • 1.1 I let out a cry of triumph
    utter, emit, give, give vent to, produce, issue, express, voice, release
  • 2.1 she let out that he'd given her a lift home
    reveal, make known, tell, disclose, mention, divulge, let slip, give away, let it be known, blurt out
  • let someone out
    they let me out of the hospital on Monday
    release, liberate, (set) free, let go, discharge;
    set/turn loose, allow to leave
    let up
  • 1.1 the rain has let up
    abate, lessen, decrease, diminish, subside, relent, slacken, die down/off, ease (off), tail off;
    ebb, wane, dwindle, fade;
    stop, cease, finish
  • 2.1 you never let up, do you?
    relax, ease up/off, slow down;
    pause, break (off), take a break, rest, stop
    informal take a breather, chill (out), chillax
  • 3.1 I promise I'll let up on him
    treat less severely, be more lenient with, be kinder to
    informal go easy on
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