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at liberty

  • 2.1 you are at liberty to leave
    free, permitted, allowed, authorized, able, entitled, eligible

take liberties with

I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from taking liberties with me act with familiarity towardshow disrespect to/towardact with impropriety with/towardact indecorously withbe impudent withact with impertinence to/towardtake advantage ofexploit


take the liberty

may I take the liberty to order champagne? presumeventurebe so bold as

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liberty, freedom, independence, license, permission
The Fourth of July is the day on which Americans commemorate their nation's independence, a word that implies the ability to stand alone, without being sustained by anything else. While independence is usually associated with countries or nations, freedom and liberty more often apply to individuals. But unlike freedom, which implies an absence of restraint or compulsion ( the freedom to speak openly ), liberty implies the power to choose among alternatives rather than merely being unrestrained ( the liberty to select their own form of government ). Freedom can also apply to many different types of oppressive influences ( freedom from interruption; freedom to leave the room at any time ), while liberty often connotes deliverance or release ( he granted the prisoners their liberty ). License may imply the liberty to disobey rules or regulations imposed on others, especially when there is an advantage to be gained in doing so ( poetic license ). But more often it refers to an abuse of liberty or the power to do whatever one pleases ( a license to sell drugs ). Permission is an even broader term than license, suggesting the capacity to act without interference or censure, usually with some degree of approval or authority ( permission to be absent from his post ).

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