Synonyms of light in English:

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light 1


  • 1 the light of candles
    illumination, brightness, luminescence, luminosity, shining, gleaming, gleam, brilliance, radiance, luster, glowing, glow, blaze, glare, dazzle;
    ray of light, beam of light
    [Antonyms] darkness
  • 2 there was a light on in the hall
    lamp, wall light;
    headlight, headlamp, sidelight;
  • 3 have you got a light?
    match, (cigarette) lighter
  • 4 we'll wait for the light
    daylight, daylight hours, daytime, day;
    dawn, morning, daybreak, sunrise;
    natural light, sunlight
    [Antonyms] darkness, nighttime
  • 5 he saw the problem in a different light
    aspect, angle, slant, approach, interpretation, viewpoint, standpoint, context, hue, complexion
  • 6 light dawned on Loretta
    understanding, enlightenment, illumination, comprehension, insight, awareness, knowledge
    [Antonyms] ignorance
  • 7 an eminent legal light
    expert, authority, master, leader, guru, leading light, luminary
  • verb

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  • 1 Alan lit the kindling
    set alight, set light to, set burning, set on fire, set fire to, put/set a match to, ignite, kindle, spark (off)
    [Antonyms] extinguish
  • adjective

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  • 1 a light, cheerful room
    bright, full of light, well lit, well illuminated, sunny
    [Antonyms] dark, gloomy
  • 2 light shades of blue and rose
    [Antonyms] dark, deep
  • 3 light hair
    fair, light-colored, blond/blonde, golden, flaxen
    [Antonyms] dark, brunette
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    optics the branch of science concerned with the behavior of light


    bring something to light
    the surprise inspection brought some incriminating evidence to light
    reveal, disclose, expose, uncover, unearth, dig up/out, bring to notice, identify
    come to light
    a fact important to this case has just come to light
    be discovered, be uncovered, be unearthed, come out, become known, become apparent, appear, materialize, emerge
    in (the) light of
    in light of this new information, there is no reason to continue our questioning
    taking into consideration, taking into account, considering, bearing in mind, taking note of, in view of
    light into
  • 1.1 we started lighting into our attackers
    attack, assail, assault, hit, strike, beat, thrash, pummel, wallop, set about, set upon, set on, fall on
    informal lay into, lace into, let someone have it, work over, rough up, knock about/around, have a go at, beat up on
  • 2.1 my father lit into me for being late See scold (verb)
  • light on/upon
    we'd almost given up when we lit upon this article about Mathew's murder trial
    come across, chance on/upon, hit on/upon, happen on/upon, stumble on/upon/across, find, discover, uncover, come up with
    light up
  • 1.1 the dashboard lit up
    become bright, brighten, lighten, shine, gleam, flare, blaze, glint, sparkle, shimmer, glisten, scintillate
  • 2.1 he lit up outside the bar
    start smoking, light a cigarette
  • light something up
  • 1.1 a flare lit up the night sky
    make bright, brighten, illuminate, lighten, throw/cast light on, shine on, irradiate
    literary illumine, illume
  • 2.1 her enthusiasm lit up her face
    animate, irradiate, brighten, cheer up, enliven
  • throw/cast/shed (some) light on
    perhaps I can shed some light on this problem
    explain, elucidate, clarify, clear up, interpret
    out like a light
    after a day at the beach, these kids will be out like a light by eight o'clock
    asleep, unconscious, comatose
    informal out cold, dead to the world
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    Synonyms of light in English:

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    light 2


  • 1 it's light enough to carry
    easy to lift, not heavy, lightweight;
    easy to carry, portable
    [Antonyms] heavy
  • 2 a light cotton robe
    [Antonyms] heavy, thick
  • 3 she is light on her feet
    nimble, agile, lithe, limber, lissome, graceful;
    light-footed, fleet-footed, quick, quick-moving, spry, sprightly
    informal twinkle-toed
    literary fleet, lightsome
    [Antonyms] clumsy
  • 4 a light soil
    friable, sandy, easily dug, workable, crumbly, loose
    [Antonyms] dense, heavy
  • 5 a light dinner
    small, modest, simple, easily digested
    informal low-cal
    [Antonyms] heavy, rich
  • 6 light duties
    easy, simple, undemanding, untaxing
    informal cushy
    [Antonyms] hard, burdensome
  • 7 his eyes gleamed with light mockery
    gentle, mild, moderate, slight;
    playful, lighthearted
    [Antonyms] serious
  • 8 light reading
    entertaining, lightweight, diverting, undemanding, frivolous, superficial, trivial
    [Antonyms] serious, deep
  • 9 a light heart
    dated gay
  • 10 this is no light matter
    [Antonyms] serious, important
  • 11 light footsteps
    gentle, delicate, soft, dainty;
    faint, indistinct
    [Antonyms] heavy
  • 12 her head felt light
    dizzy, giddy, lightheaded, faint, vertiginous
    informal woozy
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