Synonyms of meet in English:



  • 1 I met an old friend on the train
    encounter, meet up with, come face to face with, run into, run across, come across/upon, chance on, happen on, stumble across/on
    informal bump into
  • 2 she first met Paul at a party
    get to know, be introduced to, make the acquaintance of
  • 3 the committee met on Saturday
  • 4 the place where three roads meet
    converge, connect, touch, link up, intersect, cross, join
  • 5 she met death bravely
    face, encounter, undergo, experience, go through, suffer, endure, bear;
    cope with, handle
  • 6 the announcement was met with widespread hostility
    greet, receive, answer, treat
  • 7 he does not meet the job's requirements
    fulfill, satisfy, fill, measure up to, match (up to), conform to, come up to, comply with, answer
  • 8 shipowners would meet the cost of oil spills
    pay, settle, clear, honor, discharge, pay off, square
  • noun

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    Journeys end with lovers meeting.
    William Shakespeare Twelfth Night ( 1601)


    meet someone halfway

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