Synonyms of out in English:


adjective & adverb

  • 1 she's out at the moment
    not here, not at home, not in, (gone) away, elsewhere, absent
    [Antonyms] in
  • 2 the secret was out
    revealed, (out) in the open, common knowledge, public knowledge, known, disclosed, divulged
    [Antonyms] unknown
  • 3 the roses are out
    in flower, flowering, in (full) bloom, blooming, in blossom, blossoming, open
  • 4 the book should be out soon
    available, for sale, obtainable, in stores, published, in print
  • 5 the fire was nearly out
    extinguished, no longer alight
  • 6 informal grunge is out
    informal old hat, old school, not with it
    [Antonyms] fashionable
  • 7 smoking and drinking are out
    forbidden, not permitted, not allowed, proscribed, taboo, unacceptable
    [Antonyms] permitted, OK
  • verb

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  • 1 informal it was not our intention to out him
    expose, unmask
  • Phrases

    out cold

    one swift punch from Max, and Parnell was out cold
    unconscious, knocked out, down/out for the count
    informal KO'd, kayoed

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