Synonyms of picture in English:



  • 1 pictures in an art gallery
  • 2 we were told not to take pictures
    photograph, photo, snap, snapshot, shot, print, slide, transparency, exposure, still, enlargement
  • 3 do you have a picture of what your ideal home might look like?
    concept, idea, impression, view, (mental) image, vision, visualization, notion
  • 4 the picture of health
    personification, embodiment, epitome, essence, quintessence, perfect example, soul, model
  • 5 a picture starring Robert de Niro
    movie, film, motion picture, feature film;
    informal flick
  • verb

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  • 1 he was pictured with his guests
    photograph, take a photograph/photo of, snap, shoot, film
  • 2 in the drawing they were pictured against a snowy background
    paint, draw, sketch, depict, delineate, portray, show, illustrate
  • 3 Anne still pictured Richard as he had been
    visualize, see in one's mind's eye, conjure up a picture/image of, imagine, see, evoke
  • Phrases

    put in the picture

    please come in and sit down, and we'll put you in the picture
    inform, fill in, explain the situation/circumstances to, bring up to date, update, brief, keep posted, clue in, bring up to speed

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