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Synonyms of pipe in English:


  • 1 a water pipe
    tube, conduit, hose, main, duct, line, channel, pipeline, drain;
    tubing, piping, siphon
  • 2 he smokes a pipe
  • 3 she was playing a pipe
    whistle, pennywhistle, tin whistle, flute, recorder, fife;
  • 4 regimental pipes and drums
  • verb

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  • 1 the beer is piped into barrels
    siphon, feed, channel, run, convey
  • 2 television shows piped in from New York
    transmit, feed, patch
  • 3 he heard a tune being piped
    play on a pipe, tootle, whistle
    literary flute
  • 4 a curlew piped
    chirp, cheep, chirrup, twitter, warble, trill, peep, sing, shrill
  • Phrases

    pipe down
    informal we had to ask that couple in the first row to pipe down
    be quiet, be silent, hush, stop talking, hold one's tongue, settle down
    informal shut up, shut one's mouth, zip it, button it, button one's lip, put a sock in it
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