Synonyms of pitch in English:



  • 1 her voice rose in pitch
    tone, timbre, key, modulation, frequency
  • 2 the pitch of the roof
    gradient, slope, slant, angle, steepness, tilt, incline, inclination
  • 3 her anger reached such a pitch that she screamed
    level, intensity, point, degree, height, extent
  • 4 a pitch of the ball
    throw, fling, hurl, toss, lob;
    informal heave
  • 5 his sales pitch
    patter, talk
    informal spiel, line, elevator pitch
  • verb

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  • 1 she pitched the crumpled note into the fire
  • 2 he pitched overboard
    fall, tumble, topple, plunge, plummet
  • 3 they pitched their tents
    put up, set up, erect, raise
  • 4 the boat pitched
    lurch, toss (about), plunge, roll, reel, sway, rock, keel, list, wallow, labor
  • Phrases

    make a pitch for

    we made a pitch for the Loman account, but we lost in the bidding
    try to obtain, try to acquire, try to get, bid for, make a bid for

    pitch in

    if we all pitch in, we can be out of here in thirty minutes
    help (out), assist, lend a hand, join in, participate, contribute, do one's bit, chip in, cooperate, collaborate

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    Synonyms of pitch in English:



  • 1 cement coated with pitch
  • Definition of pitch in: