Synonyms of place in English:



  • 1 an ideal place for dinner
    location, site, spot, setting, position, situation, area, region, locale; venue
    technical locus
  • 2 foreign places
    country, state, area, region, town, city; locality, district
    literary clime
  • 3 a place of her own
    home, house, flat, apartment; accommodations, property, pied-à-terre; rooms, quarters
    informal pad, digs
    formal residence, abode, dwelling (place), domicile, habitation
  • 4 if I were in your place, I'd sell now
    situation, position, circumstances
    informal shoes
  • 5 a place was reserved for her
    seat, chair, space
  • 6 I offered him a place in the company
  • 7 I know my place
    status, position, standing, rank, niche
    dated estate, station
  • 8 it was not her place to sort it out
    responsibility, duty, job, task, role, function, concern, affair, charge; right, privilege, prerogative
  • verb

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  • 1 books were placed on the table
    put (down), set (down), lay, deposit, position, plant, rest, stand, station, situate, leave
    informal stick, dump, park, plonk, pop, plunk
  • 2 the trust you placed in me
    put, lay, set, invest
  • 3 a survey placed the company sixth
    rank, order, grade, class, classify, categorize; put, set, assign
  • 4 Joe couldn't quite place her
    identify, recognize, remember, put a name to, pin down; locate, pinpoint
  • 5 we were placed with foster parents
    house with, billet to; allocate to, assign to, appoint to
  • Phrases

    in the first place

    in the first place, you're not old enoughinitiallyat firstat the startat the outsetin/at the beginningin the first instanceto begin withto start withoriginally

    in place

  • 1.1 the veil was held in place by pearls
    in position, in situ
  • 2.1 the plans are in place
    ready, set up, all set, established, arranged, in order
  • in place of

    in place of fresh flowers, use sprays of dried lavenderinstead ofrather thanas a substitute foras a replacement forin exchange forin lieu ofin someone's stead

    out of place

  • 1.1 she never had a hair out of place
    out of position, out of order, in disarray, disarranged, in a mess, messy, topsy-turvy, muddled
  • 2.1 he said something out of place
    inappropriate, unsuitable, unseemly, improper, untoward, out of keeping, unbecoming, wrong
  • 3.1 she seemed out of place at the literary parties
    incongruous, out of one's element, like a fish out of water; uncomfortable, uneasy
  • put someone in their place

    Marsha's father-in-law finally spoke up and put that hateful woman in her placehumiliatetake down a peg or twodeflatecrushsquashhumble informalcut down to sizesettle someone's hashmake someone eat crow

    take place

    the site where the crash took placehappenoccurcome abouttranspirecrop upmaterializearisego down literarycome to passbefallbetide

    take the place of

    I know I'll never be able to take the place of your fatherreplacestand in forsubstitute foract forfill in forcover forrelieve

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