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Synonyms of plug in English:


  • 1 she pulled out the plug
    stopper, bung, cork, seal, spile
  • 2 a plug of tobacco
    wad, quid, twist, chew, cake, stick
  • 3 informal a plug for her new book
    advertisement, promotion, commercial, recommendation, mention, good word
    informal hype, push, puff piece, ad, boost, ballyhoo
  • verb

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  • 1 plug the holes
    stop (up), seal (up/off), close (up/off), cork, stopper, bung, block (up/off), fill (up)
  • 2 informal she plugged her new film
    publicize, promote, advertise, mention, bang the drum for, draw attention to
    informal hype (up), push, puff
  • 3 informal don't move or I'll plug you
    shoot, gun down
    informal blast, fill/pump full of lead
  • Phrases

    plug away
    informal he plugged away at his novel, unaware of the day or the time
    toil, labor, slave away, soldier on, persevere, persist, keep on
    informal slog away, beaver away
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