Synonyms of poke in English:



  • 1 she poked him in the ribs
    prod, jab, dig, nudge, butt, shove, jolt, stab, stick
  • 2 leave the cable poking out
    stick out, jut out, protrude, project, extend
  • noun

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  • 1 give him a poke
    prod, jab, dig, elbow, nudge, shove, stab
  • Phrases

    poke around/about

    we were just poking around some antique shopssearchhuntrummage (around)foragegrubroot about/aroundscavengenose aroundferret (about/around)sift throughrifle throughscourcombprobe

    poke fun at

    I never meant to poke fun at youmockmake fun ofridiculelaugh atjeer atsneer atderidescornscoff atpillorylampoonteasetauntchaffjibe at informalsend upkidribgoof on

    poke one's nose into

    maybe Barry should stop poking his nose into other people's livespry intointerfere inintrude onbutt intomeddle with informalsnoop into

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