Synonyms of precipitate in English:



  • 1 the incident precipitated a crisis
    bring about/on, cause, lead to, give rise to, instigate, trigger, spark, touch off, provoke, hasten, accelerate, expedite
  • 2 they were precipitated down the mountain
    hurl, catapult, throw, plunge, launch, fling, propel
  • adjective

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  • 1 their actions were precipitate
    hasty, overhasty, rash, hurried, rushed;
    informal previous
    literary temerarious
  • 2 a precipitate decline See precipitous (sense 2)
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    precipitate, precipitous
    Because they are easily and commonly confused, the meanings of these two adjectives are worth learning. Precipitate means ‘sudden, hasty’: a precipitate decision; the fugitive's precipitate flight. Precipitous means ‘steep’: the precipitous slope of the mountain; a precipitous decline in stock prices

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