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Synonyms of push in English:


  • 1 she tried to push him away
    shove, thrust, propel;
    send, drive, force, prod, poke, nudge, elbow, shoulder;
    sweep, bundle, hustle, manhandle
    [Antonyms] pull
  • 2 she pushed her way into the apartment
    work, inch
  • 3 he pushed the panic button
    press, depress, bear down on, hold down, squeeze;
    operate, activate
  • 4 don't push her to join in
    urge, press, pressure, force, impel, coerce, nag;
    prevail on
    informal lean on, twist someone's arm, bulldoze
  • 5 they push their own products
    advertise, publicize, promote, bang the drum for;
    informal plug, hype (up), puff (up), flog, ballyhoo
  • noun

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  • 1 I felt a push in the back
    shove, thrust, nudge, ram, bump, jolt, butt, prod, poke
  • 2 the enemy's eastward push
    advance, drive, thrust, charge, attack, assault, onslaught, onrush, offensive, sortie, sally, incursion
  • Phrases

    push around
    she wasn't used to being pushed around
    bully, domineer, ride roughshod over, trample on, bulldoze, browbeat, tyrannize, intimidate, threaten, victimize, pick on
    informal lean on, boss around
    push for
    the workers are pushing for flexible hours
    demand, call for, request, press for, campaign for, lobby for, speak up for;
    urge, promote, advocate, champion, espouse
    push off
    informal you're not welcome here, so push off
    go away, depart, leave, get out;
    go, get moving, be off (with you), shoo
    literary begone
    push on
    I decided to push on toward the coast
    press on, continue one's journey, carry on, advance, proceed, go on, progress, make headway, forge ahead
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