Synonyms of relax in English:



  • 1 yoga is helpful in learning to relax
    unwind, loosen up, ease up/off, slow down, de-stress, unbend, rest, put one's feet up, take it easy
    informal unbutton, hang loose, chill (out), chillax, take a chill pill, take a load off
    [Antonyms] be tense
  • 2 a leisurely walk will relax you
    calm, calm down, unwind, loosen up, make less tense/uptight, soothe, pacify, compose
  • 3 he relaxed his grip
    loosen, loose, slacken, unclench, weaken, lessen
    [Antonyms] tighten
  • 4 her muscles relaxed
    become less tense, loosen, slacken, unknot
    [Antonyms] contract, tighten
  • 5 they relaxed the restrictions
    moderate, modify, temper, ease, ease up on, loosen, lighten, dilute, weaken, reduce, decrease
    informal let up on
    [Antonyms] tighten up
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