Synonyms of remove in English:



  • 1 remove the plug
    detach, unfasten;
    pull out, take out, disconnect
    [Antonyms] attach
  • 2 she removed the lid
    take off, undo, unfasten
    [Antonyms] put on
  • 3 he removed a twenty from his wallet
    take out, produce, bring out, get out, pull out, withdraw
    [Antonyms] insert
  • 4 police removed boxes of documents
    take away, carry away, move, transport;
    informal cart off
    [Antonyms] put back, replace
  • 5 Sheila removed the mud
    clean off, wash off, wipe off, rinse off, scrub off, sponge out
  • 6 Harry removed his coat
    take off, pull off, slip out of, peel off
    dated doff
    [Antonyms] put on, don
  • 7 she was removed from her post
    informal fire, sack, kick out, boot out
    [Antonyms] install, appoint
  • 8 tax relief was removed
    withdraw, abolish, eliminate, get rid of, do away with, stop, cut
    informal ax
    [Antonyms] introduce
  • 9 Gabriel removed two words
    delete, erase, rub out, cross out, strike out, obliterate
    informal deep-six
    [Antonyms] add
  • 10 weeds have to be removed
    uproot, pull out, eradicate
  • 11 it's important to remove weak or dying branches
    cut off, chop off, lop off, hack off
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