Synonyms of resolve in English:



  • 1 this matter cannot be resolved overnight
    settle, sort out, solve, find a solution to, fix, straighten out, deal with, put right, put to rights, rectify
    informal hammer out, thrash out, figure out
  • 2 Bob resolved not to wait any longer
  • 3 the committee resolved that the project should proceed
    vote, pass a resolution, rule, decide formally, agree
  • 4 the compounds were resolved into their active constituents
    break down/up, separate, reduce, divide
  • 5 the ability to resolve facts into their legal categories
    analyze, dissect, break down, categorize
  • 6 the gray smudge resolved into a sandy beach
    turn, change, be transformed, be converted
  • noun

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  • 1 their intimidation merely strengthened his resolve See resolution (sense 3)
  • 2 he made a resolve not to go there again
    decision, resolution, commitment
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