Synonyms of sell in English:



  • 1 they are selling their house
    put up for sale, offer for sale, put on sale, dispose of, vend, auction (off);
    trade, barter
    [Antonyms] buy
  • 2 he sells cakes
    trade in, deal in, traffic in, stock, carry, offer for sale, peddle, hawk, retail, market
  • 3 the book should sell well
    go, be bought, be purchased;
    move, be in demand
  • 4 it sells for $79.95
    cost, be priced at, retail at, go for, be
  • 5 he still has to sell his plan to management
    persuade someone to accept, talk someone into, bring someone around to, win someone over to, win approval for
  • Phrases

    sell down the river

    informal my own friends sold me down the river
    betray, inform on;
    be disloyal to, be unfaithful to, double-cross, break faith with, stab in the back, sell out
    informal tell on, blow the whistle on, squeal on, finger

    sell out

  • 1.1 we have sold out of chocolate
    have none left, be out of stock, have run out
    informal be fresh out, be cleaned out
  • 2.1 the edition sold out quickly
    be bought up, be depleted, be exhausted
  • 3.1 they say he has sold out as an artist
    abandon one's principles, prostitute oneself, sell one's soul, betray one's ideals, be untrue to oneself;
    debase oneself, degrade oneself, demean oneself
  • 4.1 he never thought his own brother would sell him out See sell down the river
  • sell short

    she is always selling herself short
    undervalue, underrate, underestimate, disparage, deprecate, belittle
    formal derogate

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