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  • 1 they are selling their house
    put up for sale, offer for sale, put on sale, dispose of, vend, auction (off); trade, barter
    they are selling their house
    [Antonyms] buy
  • 3 the book should sell well
    go, be bought, be purchased; move, be in demand
  • 4 it sells for $79.95
    cost, be priced at, retail at, go for, be
  • 5 he still has to sell his plan to management
    promote; persuade someone to accept, talk someone into, bring someone around to, win someone over to, win approval for


sell down the river

informal my own friends sold me down the river betrayinform onbe disloyal tobe unfaithful todouble-crossbreak faith withstab in the backsell out informaltell onblow the whistle onsqueal onfinger

sell out

  • 1.1 we have sold out of chocolate
    have none left, be out of stock, have run out
    informal be fresh out, be cleaned out
  • 2.1 the edition sold out quickly
    be bought up, be depleted, be exhausted
  • 3.1 they say he has sold out as an artist
    abandon one's principles, prostitute oneself, sell one's soul, betray one's ideals, be untrue to oneself; debase oneself, degrade oneself, demean oneself
  • 4.1 he never thought his own brother would sell him out See

sell short

she is always selling herself short undervalueunderrateunderestimatedisparagedeprecatebelittle formalderogate

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