Synonyms of separate in English:



  • 1 his personal life was separate from his job
    unconnected, unrelated, different, distinct, discrete; detached, divorced, disconnected, independent, autonomous
    [Antonyms] linked interdependent
  • 2 the infirmary was separate from the school
    set apart, detached, fenced off, cut off, segregated, isolated; free-standing, self-contained
    [Antonyms] attached
  • verb

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  • 1 they separated two rioting mobs
    split (up), break up, part, pull apart, divide
    literary sunder
    [Antonyms] unite bring together
  • 2 the connectors can be separated
    disconnect, detach, disengage, uncouple, unyoke, disunite, disjoin; split, divide, sever; disentangle
    [Antonyms] join connect combine
  • 3 the wall that separates the two properties
    partition, divide, come between, keep apart; bisect, intersect
    [Antonyms] link bridge
  • 4 the south aisle was separated off
    isolate, partition off, section off; close off, shut off, cordon off, fence off, screen off
  • 5 they separated at the airport
    part (company), go their separate ways, split up; say goodbye; disperse, disband, scatter
    [Antonyms] meet
  • 6 the road separated
    [Antonyms] merge converge
  • 7 her parents separated
    split up, break up, part, be estranged, divorce
    [Antonyms] get together marry
  • 8 separate fact from fiction
    isolate, set apart, segregate; distinguish, differentiate, dissociate; sort out, sift out, filter out, remove, weed out
  • 9 those who separate themselves from society
    break away from, break with, secede from, withdraw from, leave, quit, dissociate oneself from, resign from, drop out of, repudiate, reject
    [Antonyms] join
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