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Synonyms of show in English:


  • 1 the stitches do not show
    be visible, be seen, be in view, be obvious
    [Antonyms] be invisible
  • 2 he wouldn't show the picture
    display, exhibit, put on show/display, put on view, parade, uncover, reveal
    [Antonyms] conceal
  • 3 Frank showed his frustration
    manifest, exhibit, reveal, convey, communicate, make known;
    express, proclaim, make plain, make obvious, disclose, betray
    formal evince
    [Antonyms] suppress
  • 4 I'll show you how to make a daisy chain
    demonstrate to, explain to, describe to, illustrate to;
    teach, instruct, give instructions to
  • 5 recent events show this to be true
    prove, demonstrate, confirm, show beyond doubt;
    formal evince
  • 6 a young woman showed them to their seats
  • 7 informal they never showed
    appear, arrive, come, get here/there, put in an appearance, materialize, turn up
    informal show up
  • noun

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  • 1 a spectacular show of fireworks
    display, array, exhibition, presentation, exposition, spectacle
  • 2 the boat show
    exhibition, exposition, fair, extravaganza, spectacle, exhibit
  • 3 they took in a show
    (theatrical) performance, musical, play, opera, ballet
  • 4 she's only doing it for show
    appearance, display, impression, ostentation, image
  • 5 Drew made a show of looking busy
    pretense, outward appearance, (false) front, guise, semblance, pose, parade
  • 6 informal I don't run the show
    undertaking, affair, operation, proceedings, enterprise, business, venture
  • Phrases

    show off
  • 1.1 he likes to show off when we have company
    behave affectedly, put on airs, put on an act, swagger around, swank, strut, strike an attitude, posture;
    draw attention to oneself
    informal cop an attitude
  • 2.1 that dress really shows off your green eyes
    display, show to advantage, exhibit, demonstrate, parade, draw attention to, flaunt
  • show up
  • 1.1 cancers show up on X-rays
    be visible, be obvious, be seen, be revealed
  • 2.1 informal only two waitresses showed up See sense 7 of the verb
  • 3.1 the sun showed up the shabbiness of the room
    expose, reveal, make visible, make obvious, highlight
  • 4.1 informal they showed him up in front of his friends See humiliate
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