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Synonyms of shut in English:


  • 1 please shut the door
    close, pull/push to, slam, fasten;
    put the lid on, bar, lock, secure
    [Antonyms] open, unlock
  • Phrases

    shut down
    the plant is shutting down in August
    cease activity, close (down), cease operating, cease trading, be shut (down);
    informal fold
    power down
    shut in
    shut the goats in for the night
    confine, enclose, impound, shut up, pen (in/up), fence in, immure, lock up/in, cage, imprison, intern, incarcerate, corral
    shut out
  • 1.1 he shut me out of the house
    lock out, keep out, refuse entrance to
  • 2.1 she shut out the memories
    block, suppress
  • 3.1 the bamboo shut out the light
    keep out, block out, screen, veil
  • 4.1 they shut out the Blue Jays in three straight games
    prevent from scoring, blank
  • shut up
  • 1.1 informal will you please shut up so we can hear the movie?
    be quiet, keep quiet, hold one's tongue, keep one's lips sealed;
    stop talking, quiet (down)
    informal keep mum, button it, hush up, shut it, shut your face/mouth/trap, put a sock in it, give it a rest, save it
  • 2.1 informal that should shut them up
    quiet (down), silence, hush, shush, gag, muzzle
  • 3.1 I haven't shut the hens up yet See shut in
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