Synonyms of shut in English:



  • 1 please shut the door
    close, pull/push to, slam, fasten; put the lid on, bar, lock, secure
    [Antonyms] open unlock
  • Phrases

    shut down

    the plant is shutting down in Augustcease activityclose (down)cease operatingcease tradingbe shut (down)turn offswitch off informalfoldpower down

    shut in

    shut the goats in for the nightconfineencloseimpoundshut uppen (in/up)fence inimmurelock up/incageimprisoninternincarceratecorral

    shut out

  • 1.1 he shut me out of the house
    lock out, keep out, refuse entrance to
  • 2.1 she shut out the memories
    block, suppress
  • 3.1 the bamboo shut out the light
    keep out, block out, screen, veil
  • 4.1 they shut out the Blue Jays in three straight games
    prevent from scoring, blank
  • shut up

  • 1.1 informal will you please shut up so we can hear the movie?
    be quiet, keep quiet, hold one's tongue, keep one's lips sealed; stop talking, quiet (down)
    informal keep mum, button it, hush up, shut it, shut your face/mouth/trap, put a sock in it, give it a rest, save it
  • 2.1 informal that should shut them up
    quiet (down), silence, hush, shush, gag, muzzle
  • 3.1 I haven't shut the hens up yet See shut in
  • Definition of shut in:

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