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Synonyms of slack in English:


  • 1 the rope went slack
    loose, limp, hanging, flexible
    [Antonyms] tight, taut
  • 2 slack skin
    flaccid, flabby, loose, sagging, saggy
    [Antonyms] taut
  • 3 business is slack
    [Antonyms] thriving, busy
  • 4 slack accounting procedures
    informal sloppy, slaphappy
    [Antonyms] diligent
  • noun

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  • 1 the rope had some slack in it
    looseness, play, give
  • 2 foreign demand will help pick up the slack
    surplus, excess, residue, spare capacity
  • 3 a little slack in the daily routine
  • verb

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  • 1 informal no slacking!
    idle, shirk, be lazy, be indolent, waste time, lounge about
    informal goof off
  • Phrases

    slack off
  • 1.1 the rain has slacked off
    decrease, subside, let up, ease off, abate, diminish, die down, fall off
  • 2.1 you deserve to slack off a bit
    relax, take things easy, let up, ease up/off, loosen up, slow down
    informal hang loose, chill (out)
  • slack up
    he doesn't slack up until he gets there
    slow (down), decelerate, reduce speed
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