Synonyms of slap in English:



  • 1 he slapped her hard
    informal whack, thwack, wallop, bash, bop, slug, bust
    archaic smite
  • 2 he slapped down a $10 bill
    fling, throw, toss, slam, bang
    informal plunk
  • 3 slap on a coat of paint
    daub, plaster, spread
  • 4 informal they slapped a huge tax on imports
    impose, levy, put
  • noun

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  • 1 a slap across the cheek
  • Phrases

    a slap in the face

    your disloyalty was a brutal slap in the face
    rebuff, rejection, snub, insult, put-down, humiliation

    a slap on the back

    he was always trying to earn a slap on the back from his stepfather

    a slap on the wrist

    the judge let him go free, with nothing more than a slap on the wrist
    informal rap on/over the knuckles, dressing-down

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