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Synonyms of spirit in English:


  • 1 harmony between body and spirit
    soul, psyche, (inner) self, inner being, inner man/woman, mind, ego, id;
    Philosophy  pneuma
    [Antonyms] body, flesh
  • 2 a spirit haunts the island
    informal spook
  • 3 that's the spirit
    attitude, frame of mind, way of thinking, point of view, outlook, thoughts, ideas
  • 4 she was in good spirits when I left
    mood, frame of mind, state of mind, emotional state, humor, temper
  • 5 team spirit
  • 6 the spirit of the age
    ethos, prevailing tendency, motivating force, essence, quintessence;
    atmosphere, mood, feeling, climate;
    attitudes, beliefs, principles, standards, ethics
  • 7 his spirit never failed him
    informal guts, spunk, sand, moxie
  • 8 they played with great spirit
  • 9 the spirit of the law
    real/true meaning, true intention, essence, substance
  • 10 he drinks spirits
    strong liquor/drink
    informal hard stuff, firewater, hooch
  • Reflections


    I realize that this word does have a legitimate scientific usage—it's the part of the cell that lies just beneath the outer membrane—but the meaning that intrigues me has something (understandably vague and mysterious) to do with the spirits of the dead. It's the stuff ghosts are made of, or alternately, some substance that signals an active communication between spiritualist mediums and those who have, as the mediums themselves would say, passed over. A trace of ectoplasm indicated that a ghost had visited the seance. It does make you wonder about the first moment when someone decided that there was a need for such a word, and that ectoplasm would do nicely.
    Francine Prose


    spirit away
    they made up a story about having been spirited away by gypsies
    whisk away/off, make off with, make disappear, run away with, abscond with, carry off, steal away, abduct, kidnap, snatch, seize
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