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Synonyms of splash in English:


  • 1 splash your face with cool water
    sprinkle, spray, shower, splatter, slosh, slop, squirt;
  • 2 his boots were splashed with mud
    spatter, bespatter, splatter, speck, speckle, blotch, smear, stain, mark
    informal splotch
  • 3 waves splashed against the pier
    swash, wash, break, lap;
    dash, beat, lash, batter, crash, buffet
    literary plash
  • 4 children splashed in the water
    paddle, wade, slosh;
    informal splosh
    rare plash
  • 5 the story was splashed across the front pages
    blazon, display, spread, plaster, trumpet, publicize
    informal splatter
  • noun

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  • 1 a splash of grease on his shirt
    spot, blob, dab, daub, smudge, smear, speck, fleck;
    informal splotch
  • 2 a splash of soda water
    drop, dash, bit, spot, soupçon, dribble, driblet
  • 3 a splash of color
    patch, burst, streak
  • Reflections


    If it's good enough for Yeats, it's good enough for all of us. Familiar to basket-weavers as a synonym for plait, it has also this sweet secondary meaning of both 'a small puddle' and 'stepping into a small puddle.' Gentler than a splash, and much more appealing.
    Zadie Smith


    make a splash
    informal he always believed he would make a splash in Washington
    cause a sensation, cause a stir, attract attention, draw attention to oneself/itself, get noticed, make an impression, make an impact
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