Synonyms of spot in English:



  • 1 a grease spot on the wall
  • 2 a secluded spot
    place, location, site, position, point, situation, scene, setting, locale, locality, area, neighborhood, region; venue
    technical locus
  • 3 social policy has a regular spot on the agenda
    position, place, slot, space
  • 4 informal in a tight spot
    predicament, mess, difficulty, trouble, plight, corner, quandary, dilemma
    informal fix, jam, hole, sticky situation, can of worms, pickle, scrape, hot water, Catch-22
  • verb

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  • 1 she spotted him in his car
    notice, see, observe, note, discern, detect, perceive, make out, recognize, identify, locate; catch sight of, glimpse
    literary behold, espy
  • 2 her clothes were spotted with grease
  • Phrases

    on the spot

    violators will be arrested on the spotimmediatelyat onceright awaywithout delaywithout hesitationthat instantdirectlythere and thenthen and thereforthwithinstantlysummarilystraightawayin short order archaicstraightway

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