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Synonyms of spread in English:


  • 1 he spread the map out
    lay out, open out, unfurl, unroll, roll out;
    straighten out, fan out;
    stretch out, extend
    literary outspread
    [Antonyms] fold up
  • 2 the landscape spread out below
    extend, stretch (out), open out, be displayed, be exhibited, be on show;
    sprawl (out)
  • 3 papers were spread all over his desk
  • 4 he's been spreading rumors
    disseminate, circulate, pass on, put about, communicate, diffuse, make public, make known, purvey, broadcast, publicize, propagate, promulgate;
    literary bruit about/abroad
    [Antonyms] suppress
  • 5 she spread cold cream on her face
    smear, daub, plaster, slather, lather, apply, put;
    smooth, rub
  • 6 he spread the toast with butter
    cover, coat, layer, daub;
  • noun

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  • 1 the spread of learning
    expansion, proliferation, extension, growth;
  • 2 a spread of six feet
    span, width, extent, stretch, reach
  • 3 the immense spread of the heavens
    expanse, area, sweep, stretch
  • 4 a wide spread of subjects
    range, span, spectrum, sweep;
  • 5 informal the caterers laid on a huge spread
    large/elaborate meal, feast, banquet
    informal blowout, nosh
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