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  • 1 Lionel stood in the doorway
    be on one's feet, be upright, be erect, be vertical
    Lionel stood in the doorway
    [Antonyms] sit lie
  • 3 today a house stands on the site
    be, exist, be situated, be located, be positioned, be sited, have been built
  • 4 he stood the book on the shelf
    put, set, set up, erect, up-end, place, position, locate, prop, lean, stick, install, arrange
    informal park
  • 5 my decision stands
    remain in force, remain valid/effective/operative, remain in operation, hold, hold good, apply, be the case, exist
  • 6 her heart could not stand the strain
    withstand, endure, bear, put up with, take, cope with, handle, sustain, resist, stand up to


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  • 5 a taxi stand
    stop, station, park, bay


stand by

  • 1.1 stand by for further instructions
    wait, be prepared, be in (a state of) readiness, be ready for action, be on full alert, wait in the wings
  • 2.1 she stood by her husband
    remain/be loyal to, stick with/by, remain/be true to, stand up for, support, back up, defend, stick up for
  • 3.1 the government must stand by its pledges
    abide by, keep (to), adhere to, hold to, stick to, observe, comply with

stand down

tell the troops to stand down relaxstand easycome off full alert

stand for

stand in

during Coach Clement's absence, Mr. Maynard will stand in deputizeactact as deputysubstitutefill insit indo dutytake overact as locumbe a proxycoverhold the fortstep into the breachreplacerelievetake over from informalsubfill someone's shoesstep into someone's shoespinch-hit

stand out

  • 1.1 his veins stood out
    project, stick out, bulge (out), be proud, jut (out)
  • 2.1 she stood out in the crowd
    be noticeable, be visible, be obvious, be conspicuous, stick out, be striking, be distinctive, be prominent, attract attention, catch the eye, leap out, show up
    informal stick/stand out like a sore thumb

stand up

  • 1.1 after 200 years, his theory still stands up
    remain/be valid, be sound, be plausible, hold water, hold up, stand questioning, survive investigation, bear examination, be verifiable
  • 2.1 that creep Roger stood up his blind date
    fail to keep a date with, fail to meet, fail to keep an appointment with, jilt

stand up for

dozens of his students stood up for him at the hearing supportdefendbackback upstick up forchampionpromoteupholdtake someone's parttake the side ofside with

stand up to

  • 1.1 she stood up to her parents
    defy, confront, challenge, resist, take on, put up a fight against, argue with, take a stand against
  • 2.1 the old house has stood up to the war
    withstand, survive, come through (unscathed), outlast, outlive, weather, ride out, ward off

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