Synonyms of stay in English:

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stay 1


  • 1 he stayed where he was
    remain (behind), stay behind, stay put;
    wait, linger, stick, be left, hold on, hang on, lodge
    informalhang around
    archaicbide, tarry
    [Antonyms] leave
  • 2 they won't stay hidden
    continue (to be), remain, keep, persist in being, carry on being, go on being
  • 3 our aunt is staying with us
    visit, spend time, put up, stop (off/over);
    lodge, room, board, have rooms, be housed, be accommodated, be quartered, be billeted, vacation
  • 4 legal proceedings were stayed
    postpone, put off, delay, defer, put back, hold over/off;
    adjourn, suspend, prorogue, put over, table, lay on the table, take a rain check on;
    Law continue
    informalput on ice, put on the back burner
    [Antonyms] advance
  • 5 literary we must stay the enemy's advance
    delay, slow down/up, hold back/up, set back, keep back, put back, put a brake on, retard;
    informalthrow a (monkey) wrench in the works of
    [Antonyms] promote
  • noun

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  • 1 a stay at a hotel
    visit, stop, stop-off, stopover, overnight, break, vacation
  • 2 a stay of judgment
    postponement, putting off, delay, deferment, deferral, putting back;
  • Quote

    Some people can stay longer in an hour than others can in a week.
    William Dean Howells, American writer and critic

    Definition of stay in:

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    Synonyms of stay in English:

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    stay 2


  • 1 the stays holding up the mast
    strut, wire, brace, tether, guy, prop, rod, support, truss;
    Nautical shroud
  • verb

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  • 1 her masts were well stayed
    brace, tether, strut, wire, guy, prop, support, truss
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