Synonyms of stern in English:



  • 1 a stern expression
    serious, unsmiling, frowning, severe, forbidding, grim, unfriendly, austere, dour, stony, flinty, steely, unrelenting, unforgiving, unbending, unsympathetic, disapproving
    [Antonyms] genial, friendly
  • 2 stern measures
    strict, severe, stringent, harsh, drastic, hard, tough, extreme, rigid, ruthless, rigorous, exacting, demanding, uncompromising, unsparing, inflexible, authoritarian, draconian
    [Antonyms] lenient, lax
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    Synonyms of stern in English:



  • 1 the stern of the ship
    rear (end), back, after end, poop, transom, tail
    [Antonyms] bow
  • Definition of stern in: