Synonyms of store in English:



  • 1 a store of money
  • 2 a grain store
    storeroom, storehouse, repository, depository, stockroom, depot, warehouse, magazine
    informal lockup
  • 3 ship's stores
    supplies, provisions, stocks, necessities; food, rations, provender; materials, equipment, hardware; Militarymatériel, accoutrements; Nauticalchandlery
  • verb

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  • 1 rabbits don't store food
    keep, keep in reserve, stockpile, lay in, put/set aside, put away/by, put away for a rainy day, save, collect, accumulate, hoard, cache
    informal squirrel away, salt away, stash away
    [Antonyms] use discard
  • Phrases

    set (great) store by

    Gwen set great store by good mannersvalueattach great importance toput a high value onput a premium onthink highly ofhold in (high) regardhave a high opinion of informalrate

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