Synonyms of suppress in English:



  • 1 they could suppress the rebellion
    subdue, repress, crush, quell, quash, squash, stamp out; defeat, conquer, overpower, put down, crack down on; end, stop, terminate, halt
    [Antonyms] incite encourage
  • 2 she suppressed her irritation
    conceal, restrain, stifle, smother, bottle up, hold back, control, check, curb, contain, bridle, inhibit, keep a rein on, put a lid on
    [Antonyms] express
  • 3 the report was suppressed
    censor, keep secret, conceal, hide, hush up, gag, withhold, cover up, stifle; ban, proscribe, outlaw; sweep under the carpet
    [Antonyms] disclose publicize
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