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Synonyms of sweat in English:


  • 1 he was drenched with sweat
    Medicine  diaphoresis
  • 2 informal he got into such a sweat about that girl
    fluster, panic, frenzy, fever, pother
    informal state, flap, tizzy, dither, stew, lather
  • 3 informal the sweat of the working classes
    labor, hard work, toil(s), effort(s), exertion(s), industry, drudgery, slog
    informal grind, elbow grease
  • verb

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  • 1 she was sweating heavily
    perspire, swelter, glow;
    be damp, be wet;
  • 2 I've sweated over this for six months
    work (hard), work like a Trojan, labor, toil, slog, slave, work one's fingers to the bone
    informal plug away
    archaic drudge
  • 3 he sweated over his mistakes
    worry, agonize, fuss, panic, fret, lose sleep
    informal be on pins and needles, be in a state, be in a flap, be in a stew, torture oneself, torment oneself
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    sudorific relating to or causing sweating
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