Synonyms of taste in English:



  • 1 a distinctive sharp taste
    flavor, savor, relish, tang, smack
  • 2 he was dying for a taste of brandy
    mouthful, drop, bit, sip, nip, swallow, touch, soupçon, dash, modicum
  • 3 it's too sweet for my taste
    palate, taste buds, appetite, stomach
  • 4 a taste for adventure
    liking, love, fondness, fancy, desire, preference, penchant, predilection, inclination, partiality;
    hankering, appetite, hunger, thirst, relish
    [Antonyms] dislike
  • 5 my first taste of prison
    experience of/with, impression of;
    exposure to, contact with, involvement with
  • 6 the house was furnished with taste
    judgment, discrimination, discernment, tastefulness, refinement, finesse, elegance, grace, style
    [Antonyms] tastelessness, tackiness
  • 7 the photo was rejected on grounds of taste
    decorum, propriety, etiquette, politeness, delicacy, nicety, sensitivity, discretion, tastefulness
    [Antonyms] dislike
  • verb

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  • 1 Adam tasted the wine
    sample, test, try, savor;
    sip, sup
  • 2 he could taste blood on his lip
    perceive, discern, make out, distinguish
  • 3 a beer that tasted of pumpkin
    have a/the flavor of, savor of, smack of, be reminiscent of;
  • 4 it'll be good to taste real coffee again
    consume, drink, partake of;
    eat, devour
  • 5 he tasted defeat
    experience, encounter, come face to face with, come up against, undergo;
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    gustatory relating to the sense of taste

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