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Synonyms of think in English:


  • 1 I think he's gone home
    believe, be of the opinion, be of the view, be under the impression;
    expect, imagine, anticipate;
    conclude, determine, reason
    informal reckon, figure
    formal opine
  • 2 his family was thought to be enormously rich
    deem, judge, hold, reckon, consider, presume, estimate;
    regard (as), view (as)
  • 3 Jack thought for a moment
    ponder, reflect, deliberate, consider, meditate, contemplate, muse, ruminate, be lost in thought, be in a brown study, brood;
    concentrate, brainstorm, rack one's brains;
    formal cogitate
  • 4 she thought of all the visits she had made to her father
    recall, remember, recollect, call to mind, think back to
  • 5 she forced herself to think of how he must be feeling
    imagine, picture, visualize, envisage, consider;
    dream about, fantasize about
  • Phrases

    think better of
    Donnie was going to crash his ex-girlfriend's wedding, but he thought better of it
    have second thoughts about, think twice about, think again about, change one's mind about;
    reconsider, decide against
    informal get cold feet about
    think over
    take a few days to think over the proposal
    consider, contemplate, deliberate about, mull over, ponder, chew over, chew on, reflect on, muse on, ruminate on
    think up
    I'm sure by Friday we'll have thought up a great idea for the presentation
    devise, dream up, conjure up, come up with, invent, create, concoct, make up;
    hit on
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