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Synonyms of thrash in English:


  • 1 she thrashed him across the head and shoulders
    hit, beat, strike, batter, thump, hammer, pound, rain blows on;
    assault, attack;
    cudgel, club
    informal wallop, belt, bash, whup, whack, thwack, clout, clobber, pummel, slug, tan, sock, beat the (living) daylights out of
  • 2 he was thrashing around in pain
    flail, writhe, thresh, jerk, toss, twist, twitch
  • Reflections


    A good-ol’-boy verb from the late nineteenth century, which sounds as if it originated in the South or West, meaning decisively to beat or whip (from which it derives): Zeke, if you don't stop messin’ with them pigeons, your daddy's gonna whup your behind. In fact, whup means 'beat' in two other ways as well: 'defeat' (Boys, are we gonna whup the Tigers tomorrow? You're goddam right we are!), and, as a past participle, 'exhausted' (Southern guy walks into a bar, sits down, says, "Man, I'm whupped. Gimme some of that good beer").
    Jean Strouse


    thrash out
  • 1.1 new statutes raise new questions inevitably, and these will be thrashed out in the courts
    resolve, settle, sort out, work out, straighten out, iron out, clear up;
    talk through, discuss, debate
  • 2.1 they worked to thrash out a peace agreement between the two countries
    work out, negotiate, agree on, bring about, hammer out, hammer together, hash out, produce, effect
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