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Synonyms of time in English:


  • 1 what time is it?
  • 2 late at night was the best time to leave
    moment, point, point in time, occasion, hour, minute, second, instant, juncture, stage
  • 3 he worked there for a time
    while, spell, stretch, stint, span, season, interval, period, period of time, length of time, duration, phase, stage, term, patch
  • 4 the time of the dinosaurs
    era, age, epoch, period, years, days;
    generation, date
  • 5 I've known a lot of cats in my time
    lifetime, life, life span, days, time on earth, existence
  • 6 he had been a professional actor in his time
    heyday, day, best days, best years, glory days, prime, peak, Golden Age
  • 7 (the times) the times are a-changing
    conditions, circumstances;
    life, the state of affairs, the way of the world
  • 8 tunes in waltz time
    meter, measure, pattern
  • verb

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  • 1 the events were timed perfectly
    schedule, set, set up, arrange, organize, coordinate, fix, line up, slot in, prearrange, timetable, plan;
  • 2 we timed ourselves to prepare for the race
    measure, clock, record one's time
  • Word links

    chronological, temporal1 relating to time
    horology the study and measurement of time


    ahead of time

    get to the airport ahead of time
    early, in good time, with time to spare, in advance

    ahead of one's/its time

    Leonardo was ahead of his time in almost all endeavors a laser procedure that is ahead of its time

    all the time

    the neighbors' dog barks all the time
    constantly, the entire time, around/round the clock, day and night, night and day, ‘morning, noon, and night’, ‘day in, day out’, at all times, always, nonstop, without a break, ceaselessly, endlessly, unfailingly, incessantly, perpetually, permanently, interminably, continuously, continually, eternally, unremittingly, remorselessly, relentlessly, unrelentingly
    archaicwithout surcease

    at one time

    she was a nurse at one time
    formerly, previously, once, in the past, at one point, once upon a time, time was when, one fine day, in days/times gone by, in times past, in the (good) old days, long ago, back in the day
    literaryin days/times of yore
    archaicerstwhile, whilom

    at the same time

  • 1.1 they arrived at the same time
    simultaneously, at the same instant, at the same moment, together, all together, as a group, at once, at one and the same time;
    in unison, in concert, in chorus, in synchrony, as one, in tandem
  • 2.1 Curt seems like a nice guy—at the same time I'm not sure I would trust him
    nonetheless, even so, however, but, still, yet, though, on the other hand;
    in spite of that, despite that, be that as it may, for all that, that said;
  • at times

    she is at times cruel and ruthless

    behind the times

    the older I get, the less I think my parents are behind the times
    informalsquare, not with it, old-school, horse-and-buggy, fusty

    for the time being

    we're living in the cottage for the time being
    for now, for the moment, for the present, in the interim, for the nonce, in/for the meantime, in the meanwhile, for a short time, briefly;

    from time to time


    in no time

    I'll be dressed in no time
    (very) soon, in a second, in an instant, in a minute, in a moment, in a trice, in a flash, shortly, any second, any minute (now), momentarily
    informalin a jiffy, in a sec, in two shakes of a lamb's tail, in a snap

    in good time

    don't worry, Father will get here in good time
    punctually, promptly, on time, early, with time to spare, ahead of time, ahead of schedule

    in time

  • 1.1 I came back in time for the party
    early enough, in good time, punctually, on time, not too late, with time to spare, on schedule
  • 2.1 in time, she'll forgot about it
    eventually, in the end, in due course, by and by, finally, after a while;
  • many a time

    many a time they had gone to bed hungry
    frequently, regularly, often, very often, all the time, habitually, customarily, routinely;
    again and again, time and again, over and over again, repeatedly, recurrently, continually, oftentimes
    literaryoft, ofttimes

    on time

    please make sure you show up to class, and be on time
    punctually, in good time, to/on schedule, when expected, on the dot

    time after time

    the camera produces excellent results time after time
    repeatedly, frequently, often, again and again, over and over (again), time and (time) again, many times, many a time;
    literaryoft, ofttimes

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