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Synonyms of touch in English:


  • 1 his shoes were touching the end of the bed
    be in contact with, come into contact with, meet, join, connect with, converge with, be contiguous with, be against
  • 2 he touched her cheek
    press lightly, tap, pat;
    brush, graze, put a hand to
  • 3 nobody can touch her when she's on her game
    compare with, rival, compete with, come/get close to, be on a par with, equal, match, be a match for, be in the same class/league as, measure up to;
    better, beat
    informal hold a candle to
  • 4 you're not supposed to touch the computer
    handle, hold, pick up, move;
    meddle with, play about with, fiddle with, interfere with, tamper with, disturb, lay a finger on;
    use, employ, make use of
  • 5 people whose lives have been touched by the recession
    affect, impact, have an effect on, have an impact on, make a difference to, change
  • 6 years later she wrote to tell them how much their kindnesses had touched her
    affect, move, tug at someone's heartstrings;
    leave an impression on, have an effect on
  • noun

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  • 1 he felt her touch on his shoulder
    tap, pat;
    stroke, caress;
    brush, graze;
  • 3 a touch of sadness
    trace, bit, grain, hint, suggestion, suspicion, scintilla, tinge, overtone, undertone, note;
    dash, taste, drop, dab, dribble, pinch, speck, soupçon
  • 4 the oil lamps are a nice touch
    detail, feature, point;
    addition, accessory
  • 5 have you been in touch with him?
    contact, communication, correspondence;
    connection, association, interaction
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    tactile relating to the sense of touch


    touch down
    the plane is expected to touch down in San Juan
    land, alight, come down, put down, arrive
    touch off
    the action touched off a string of protests
    cause, spark, trigger, start, set in motion, ignite, stir up, provoke, give rise to, lead to, generate, set off
    touch on/upon
    his speech is sure to touch on the subject of school vouchers
    refer to, mention, comment on, speak on, remark on, bring up, raise, broach, allude to;
    cover, deal with
    touch something up
  • 1.1 these paints are handy for touching up small areas
    repaint, retouch, patch, fix;
    renovate, refurbish, revamp
  • 2.1 the editor touched up my prose
    improve, enhance, make better, refine, give the finishing touches to
    informal tweak
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