Synonyms of touch in English:



  • 1 his shoes were touching the end of the bed
    be in contact with, come into contact with, meet, join, connect with, converge with, be contiguous with, be against
  • 2 he touched her cheek
    press lightly, tap, pat; feel, stroke, fondle, caress, pet; brush, graze, put a hand to
  • 3 nobody can touch her when she's on her game
    compare with, rival, compete with, come/get close to, be on a par with, equal, match, be a match for, be in the same class/league as, measure up to; better, beat
    informal hold a candle to
  • 4 you're not supposed to touch the computer
    handle, hold, pick up, move; meddle with, play about with, fiddle with, interfere with, tamper with, disturb, lay a finger on; use, employ, make use of
  • 5 people whose lives have been touched by the recession
    affect, impact, have an effect on, have an impact on, make a difference to, change
  • 6 years later she wrote to tell them how much their kindnesses had touched her
    affect, move, tug at someone's heartstrings; leave an impression on, have an effect on
  • noun

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  • 1 he felt her touch on his shoulder
    tap, pat; stroke, caress; brush, graze; hand
  • 3 a touch of sadness
    trace, bit, grain, hint, suggestion, suspicion, scintilla, tinge, overtone, undertone, note; dash, taste, drop, dab, dribble, pinch, speck, soupçon
  • 4 the oil lamps are a nice touch
    detail, feature, point; addition, accessory
  • 5 have you been in touch with him?
    contact, communication, correspondence; connection, association, interaction
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    tactile relating to the sense of touch


    touch down

    the plane is expected to touch down in San Juanlandalightcome downput downarrive

    touch off

    the action touched off a string of protestscausesparktriggerstartset in motionignitestir upprovokegive rise tolead togenerateset off

    touch on/upon

    his speech is sure to touch on the subject of school vouchersrefer tomentioncomment onspeak onremark onbring upraisebroachallude tocoverdeal with

    touch something up

  • 1.1 these paints are handy for touching up small areas
    repaint, retouch, patch, fix; renovate, refurbish, revamp
  • 2.1 the editor touched up my prose
    improve, enhance, make better, refine, give the finishing touches to
    informal tweak
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