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Synonyms of trace in English:


  • 1 police hope to trace the owner of the vehicle
    track down, find, discover, detect, unearth, turn up, hunt down, ferret out
  • 2 she traced a pattern in the sand with her toe
    draw, outline, mark, sketch
  • 3 the analysis traces the origins of cowboy poetry
    outline, map out, follow, sketch out, delineate, depict, show, indicate
  • noun

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  • 1 no trace had been found of the runaways
    vestige, sign, mark, indication, evidence, clue;
    trail, tracks, marks, prints, footprints, spoor;
    remains, remnant, relic
  • 2 a trace of bitterness crept into her voice
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    trace, remnant, track, trail, vestige
    You can follow the track of a deer in the snow, the trace of a sleigh, or the trail of someone who has just cut down a Christmas tree and is dragging it back to the car. A track is a line or a series of marks left by the passage of something or someone; it often refers specifically to a line of footprints or a path worn into the ground by the feet ( to follow the track of a grizzly bear). Trace may refer to a line or a rut made by someone or something that has been present or passed by; it may also refer to a mark serving as evidence that something has happened or been there ( traces of mud throughout the house; the telephoto shots have a trace of camera shake). Trail may refer to the track created by the passage of animals or people, or to the mark or marks left by something being dragged along a surface ( they followed the trail of the injured dog). Vestige and remnant come closer in meaning to trace, as they refer to what remains after something has passed away. A vestige is always slight when compared to what it recalls ( the last vestiges of a great civilization), while a remnant is a fragment or scrap of something ( all that remained of the historic tapestry after the fire were a few scorched remnants).
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