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Synonyms of trip in English:


  • 1 he tripped on the loose stones
    stumble, lose one's footing, catch one's foot, slip, lose one's balance, fall, fall down, tumble, topple, take a spill, wipe out
  • 2 students often trip up by forgetting to add a bibliography
    make a mistake, miscalculate, make a blunder, blunder, go wrong, make an error, err
    informal slip up, screw up, make a boo-boo, goof up, mess up, fluff
  • 3 the question was intended to trip him up
    catch out, trick, outwit, outsmart;
    throw off balance, disconcert, unsettle, discountenance, discomfit, throw, wrong-foot
  • 4 they tripped merrily along the path
    skip, run, dance, prance, bound, spring, scamper
  • 5 Hoffman tripped the alarm
    set off, activate, trigger;
  • noun

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  • 1 a trip to Oahu
    vacation, visit, tour, journey, expedition, voyage;
    drive, run, day out, day trip, road trip, cruise, junket, spin
  • 2 a trip down icy front steps can be a devastating accident
    stumble, slip, misstep, false step;
    fall, tumble, spill
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