Synonyms of tune in English:



  • 1 she hummed a cheerful tune
    melody, air, strain, theme; song, jingle, ditty
    informal earworm
  • verb

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  • 1 they tuned their guitars
    adjust, fine-tune, tune up
  • 2 a body clock tuned to the lunar cycle
    attune, adapt, adjust, fine-tune; regulate, modulate
  • Phrases

    change one's tune

    our "Bachelor Bob" seems to have changed his tune about settling down and raising a familychange one's minddo a U-turnhave a change of heartdo an about-face informaldo a one-eightypull a U-ey

    in tune

    are any of the candidates really in tune with the voters?in accordin keepingin accordancein agreementin harmonyin stepin linein sympathycompatible

    tune up

    most of these old cash registers just need to be tuned up a bittweakadjustfine-tunecalibratemaintainimproveameliorateenhance

    Definition of tune in:

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