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Synonyms of twist in English:


  • 1 the impact twisted the chassis
    crumple, crush, buckle, mangle, warp, deform, distort
  • 2 her face twisted with rage
    contort, screw up
  • 3 Ma anxiously twisted a handkerchief
    wring, squeeze
  • 4 he twisted around in his seat
    turn (around), swivel (around), spin (around), pivot, rotate, revolve
  • 5 she twisted out of his grasp
    wriggle, squirm, worm one's way, wiggle
  • 6 I twisted my ankle
  • 7 you are twisting my words
    distort, misrepresent, change, alter, pervert, falsify, warp, skew, misinterpret, misconstrue, misstate, misquote;
  • 8 he twisted the radio knob
    twiddle, adjust, turn, rotate, swivel
  • 9 she twisted her hair around her finger
    wind, twirl, coil, curl, wrap
  • 10 the wires were twisted together
    intertwine, twine, interlace, weave, plait, braid, coil, wind
  • 11 the road twisted and turned
    wind, bend, curve, turn, meander, weave, zigzag, swerve, snake
  • noun

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  • 1 a twist of the wrist
    turn, twirl, spin, rotation;
  • 2 the twists of the road
    bend, curve, turn, zigzag, kink
  • 3 the twists of the plot
    convolution, complication, complexity, intricacy;
    surprise, revelation
  • 4 a modern twist on an old theme
    interpretation, slant, outlook, angle, approach, treatment;
    variation, change, difference
  • Phrases

    twist someone's arm
    I didn't want to go with them, but Hazel twisted my arm
    pressurize someone, coerce someone, force someone;
    persuade someone
    informal lean on someone, browbeat someone, strong-arm someone, bulldoze someone, railroad someone, put the screws to/on someone
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