Synonyms of wind in English:

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wind 1


  • 1 the trees were swaying in the wind
    breeze, current of air;
    gale, hurricane
    literary zephyr
  • 2 Jez got his wind back
  • 3 the discomfort of holding back one's wind
    informal fart(s), farting
    formal flatus
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    anemometer an instrument for measuring wind speed


    get wind of
    informal White House officials got wind of the plan
    hear about/of, learn about/of, find out about, pick up on, be told about/of, be informed of
    informal hear (about) through the grapevine
    in the wind
    we fear that civil war is in the wind
    on the way, coming, about to happen, in the offing, in the air, on the horizon, approaching, looming, brewing, afoot
    informal in the cards
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    Synonyms of wind in English:

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    wind 2


  • 1 this road winds dangerously
    twist and turn, twist, bend, curve, loop, zigzag, weave, snake
  • 2 she wound a towel around her waist
    wrap, furl, entwine, lace, loop
  • 3 he wound the yarn into a ball
    coil, roll, twist, twine
  • Phrases

    wind down
  • 1.1 informal they needed to wind down
    relax, unwind, calm down, cool down/off, ease up/off, take it easy, rest, put one's feet up
    informal take a load off, hang loose, chill (out), chillax, take a chill pill, kick back
  • 2.1 the summer was winding down
    draw to a close, come to an end, tail off, taper off, slack off, slacken off, slow down, die, die down
  • wind up
  • 1.1 let's wind up this meeting and go to lunch
    conclude, bring to an end/close, end, terminate
    informal wrap up
  • 2.1 informal I never thought that Jerry would wind up in real estate
    end up, finish up, find oneself
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