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Synonyms of withdraw in English:


  • 1 she withdrew her hand from his
    remove, extract, pull out, take out;
    take back, take away
    [Antonyms] insert
  • 2 the ban on advertising was withdrawn
    [Antonyms] introduce
  • 3 she withdrew the allegation
    retract, take back, go back on, recant, disavow, disclaim, repudiate, renounce, abjure;
    back down, climb down, backtrack, backpedal, do a U-turn, eat one's words
    [Antonyms] put forward
  • 4 the troops withdrew from the city
    leave, pull out of, evacuate, quit, (beat a) retreat from
    [Antonyms] enter
  • 5 his partner withdrew from the project
    pull out of, back out of, bow out of;
    get cold feet
  • 6 they withdrew to their rooms
    retire, retreat, adjourn, decamp;
    formal repair
    dated remove
    literary betake oneself
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