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Syllabification: Aus·tral·ian
Pronunciation: /ôˈstrālēən


A native or inhabitant of Australia, or a person of Australian descent.
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  • Are Scots more likely than Australians to observe their national day with reverence?
  • Most Australians still feel proud of what their nation did to help its tiny neighbour.
  • Along with most Australians, I do not want a world in which one country has all the power.


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1Of or relating to Australia.
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  • He has a review of a book of stories about Australian history.
  • Yeah, I think it's getting better and better each time we perform in front of an Australian crowd.
  • There are many poems rooted solidly in Australian landscapes, both literal and emotional.
1.1 Zoology Of, relating to, or denoting a zoogeographical region comprising Australasia together with Indonesia east of Wallace’s line, in which monotremes and marsupials dominate the fauna. Compare with Notogaea, oriental.
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  • He denied this and said it was simply because he has a soft spot for this particular Australian marsupial.
  • I hoped to meet with a team of young scientists based here who are working to protect Australian fauna.
  • Baudin sent him back to France, loaded with a great wealth of specimens of Australian fauna and flora.
1.2 Botany Of, relating to, or denoting a phytogeographical kingdom comprising only Australia and Tasmania.
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  • The two self-fertile white clover cultivars were bred from Australian plants.
  • Seeds of many Australian species require several months' storage before germination is possible.
  • A well-adapted Australian hybrid, was chosen for its high tillering ability.


from French australien, from Latin australis in the phrase Terra Australis 'the southern land', the name of the supposed southern continent.



Pronunciation: /-ˌnizəm/
More example sentences
  • There are Australianisms of language and tone, Australian touchstones of reference, that should be consciously preserved.
  • Personally it sounds like one of those great Australianisms, where a word has been borrowed from an act of parliament and ended up in the vernacular.
  • The Australian National Dictionary is a historical dictionary of some 10,000 Australianisms.

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