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Syllabification: Car·ib
Pronunciation: /ˈkarib


1A member of an indigenous South American people living mainly in coastal regions of French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, and Venezuela.
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  • Amerindian groups include the Caribs, the Arawaks, and the Warraus.
  • The islands were originally inhabited by the Arawaks, Caribs, and other Amerindians.
  • In the pre-Columbian period, Arawaks and later Caribs moved to the region from coastal South America.
2The language of the Caribs. Also called Galibi.

The Caribs were in the process of colonizing the Lesser Antilles from the mainland, displacing Arawak peoples, when their expansion was halted by the arrival of the Spaniards, who all but wiped them out; a few hundred remain on Dominica. Carib is now spoken by around 20,000 people in parts of northern South America. Island Carib is an extinct language of the entirely distinct Arawakan group, formerly used in the Lesser Antilles; Black Carib, spoken in parts of Central America, is derived from this

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  • Black Caribs are descendants of freed black slaves and Carib Indians, and speak a language related to Carib.
  • For a time, Arawak was spoken primarily or exclusively by women and children, while adult men spoke Carib.
  • All of the interior Amerindians originally spoke Carib languages, with the exception of the Wapisiana, whose language is in the Arawak linguistic family.


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1Relating to the Caribs or their language.
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  • The last fluent speaker of the Carib language reportedly died in the 1920s, although efforts are now being made to revive that language.
  • The native language of the Garifuna (called Garifuna or Garinagu) comes from the Arawak and Carib languages of their island ancestors.
  • The practice of smoking tobacco came from the native American Indians and the Carib Indians of Tobago.
1.1Relating to Island Carib or Black Carib.
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  • Carib is spoken along the Caribbean coast by the Garifunas, or Black Caribs, the descendants of fugitive slaves and Carib Indians.
  • The warlike Carib people drove the Arawaks from neighboring islands but apparently did not settle on either Antigua or Barbuda.
  • The locals sometimes call the main island ‘Hairoun,’ its Carib name.


from Spanish caribe, from Haitian Creole. Compare with cannibal.

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