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Syllabification: Cy·clops
Pronunciation: /ˈsīˌkläps


1 (plural Cyclops or Cyclopes /sīˈklōpēz/) Greek Mythology A member of a race of savage one-eyed giants. In the Odyssey, Odysseus escaped death by blinding the Cyclops Polyphemus.
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  • The one-eyed, savage giant called Cyclops remained a mystery, submerged in the myths and imagery of men at sea and women who wait for them, told through story and song.
  • In the The Odyssey, he describes the Cyclops as a band of giant, one-eyed, man-eating shepherds.
  • Polyphemus is one of the Cyclopes, and one of the only creatures born before the Titans, who was not killed by the Olympians.
2 (cyclops) A minute predatory freshwater crustacean which has a cylindrical body with a single central eye.
  • Genus Cyclops and other genera, order Cyclopoida
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  • The various species of Cyclops are very numerous in freshwater locations during the summer months, and are usually among the much reduced fauna in these same locations during the winter.
  • A feature of chromatin diminution in the crustacean genus Cyclops is that the somatic and germline chromosome number remains the same.
  • The larvae are ingested by the copepod crustacea, Cyclops, which actively chase them.


via Latin from Greek Kuklōps, literally 'round-eyed', from kuklos 'circle' + ōps 'eye'.

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