Definition of Holothuroidea in English:


Syllabification: Hol·o·thu·roi·de·a
Pronunciation: /ˌhälōTHo͝orˈoidēə, ˌhōlō-
A class of echinoderms that comprises the sea cucumbers.
More example sentences
  • Ophiuroidea is grouped with Echinoidea and Holothuroidea based on the closed ambicular grooves.
  • The class Holothuroidea is composed of these creatures and many members of the group (but not all) resemble the garden variety of cucumber.


modern Latin (plural), based on Greek holothourion (see holothurian).



Pronunciation: /-ˈTHo͝orˌoid/
noun& adjective
More example sentences
  • Antarctic crinoids and holothuroids often perch on sponges presumably to increase the efficiency of their own feeding.
  • Cuvierian tubules are peculiar organs found in several species of holothuroids (sea cucumbers), all belonging exclusively to the family Holothuriidae.
  • The aim of the present work was to measure the adhesive strength of Cuvierian tubules in different species of holothuroids and also to investigate the influence of different physical factors on tubule adhesion.

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